Hardwood floor refinishing Piscataway NJ

Hardwood flooring has been found to be one of the most exquisite things that you will be able to set in your home. Even though it is quite beautiful to look at, it would still require some amount of care and maintenance in order to preserve that natural and real look. Therefore, from time to time, you would need to go for hardwood floor refinishing Piscataway NJ .

hardwood floor refinishing flood

When it comes to hardwood floor refinishing Piscataway NJ , you have the option of getting the job done by yourself. In that case, the first thing which you would have to do is get rid of the old finishing. One very effective way of doing this is with the help of a walk-behind floor sander. Do not worry, you will not need to buy this as it can be easily rented. Since this has a large rotating drum, it can help to vacuum all the bits and pieces of sanding from all corners of your home. After this job is done, you would then need to go for filling all the gouges and nicks that are there on your floor.

When going for floor refinishing Piscataway NJ , you would also need to decide on which category of floor refinishing you would like to go for. To help you choose, we have outlined the three most common categories:

  • Polyurethane

Polyurethane, which can either be oil or water based, tends to come in various different forms. Since it has a more of a yellow look, it tends to give off a more plastic finish. Therefore for high moisture and high traffic areas, polyurethane finish has been found to be the most suitable choice.

  • Varnish

The second type of wood floor refinishing Piscataway NJ vthat you can go for is varnish. Varnish has been known to come in a wide variety of lusters, ranging from glossy to matte. Therefore, the higher the gloss would be, the more durable the surface would also be. In addition, the varnish also seems to darken with age.

  • Penetrating sealer

Penetrating sealer offers quite a natural looking finish as it helps in bringing out the wood grain. In addition, especially when it has been waxed, it can offer good protection despite being less durable than the other kinds of finishes. In addition, this kind of finish has also been found to darken over time.

How to refinish hardwood flooring by yourself

In order to go for hardwood flooring refinishing Piscataway NJ by yourself, the first thing which you would need to do is get rid of all the furniture pieces from the room which you are planning to work on. This is because furniture can often prevent you from missing out on little nooks and crannies.

In addition, it has also been recommended that you do the sealing of the floor on the same day as the sanding of the floor is being done. This is to prevent excess amounts of moisture being absorbed by the floor which can then cause problems in the future. On the other hand, if you are looking to witness best results, then you can go for applying the stain (if that is what is desired) and the seal it with a sheepskin applicator. Also, you should be careful enough when using the sealer. This is because you must make sure that all the surfaces are being sealed properly and in equal and even amounts. Make sure to not apply excess sealer as it can then damage the wood. This is because it pools on the surface. In addition, if you fail to get rid of the spot in due time, then it tends to leave a very ugly spot behind.

In wood floor refinishing,Piscataway NJ after the sealer has dried off, you should be performing the following steps:

  • Buff the hardwood floor with steel wool
  • With the help of a tack cloth, vacuum and wipe the floor again. This is because it is absolutely critical that you remove all the dust that tends to exist within the finish coats. Or else you would be ending up with an ugly and rough floor
  • With finish wax, apply the first two coats. You can also use any other kind of floor finish such as varnish and polyurethane. In order to apply the floor wax, all you would have to do is follow the instructions which have been outlined in the container.
  • After that, the only thing left to do is apply the final coat. You would have to wait at least 24 hours for the final coat to dry out before you can move all the furniture back in to the room.

Why get hardwood floor refinishing Piscataway NJ done by a professional

In terms of floor refinishing, another option which you can have is get the entire thing done by a professional. Not only will it relieve you of the burden of getting the entire work done by yourself, but you will also be assured that the work would be done up to a standard level of quality.

Therefore, a professional wood finisher would take somewhere between two and five days to complete the entire project. However, you would also have to take in to account unfavorable conditions and humid weather which can then delay the drying time.

A professional wood refinisher would be doing either one of the two things:

  • Rebuff your finish

When it comes to wood floor refinishing Piscataway NJ , the rebuff of finish by a professional tends to give off a more polished look. So with the help of a buffing coat and some other succeeding grits tools. It can help in restoring the top coat back to its previous beauty. On the other hand, if you have used wax or any other kind of oil soap product, then it becomes slightly difficult to carry out the screening process. In that case, the expert would have to make sure to remove any kind of residue in order for the top coat to dry out properly.

Another option which can be applied for floor refinishing Piscataway NJ is that the professional would sand and finish your flooring. This means that the contractor would be sanding your floors down to bare wood. After that, a stain and two or three coats of fresh finish would then be applied. Piscataway NJ