Hardwood floor installation Towaco NJ

Hardwood flooring is definitely becoming quite popular amongst homeowners these days. In terms of home renovation projects as well, majority of the people are opting for hardwood flooring. This is because not only does it help in adding a completely new and different look to the entire home, many people have also agreed that it definitely falls within their budget. Nothing could be considered to be greater news than this! In addition, thanks to the wide variety of hardwood floors that are being made available, people are just being spoilt for choice.

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That being said, if you are going for hardwood floor installation Towaco NJ, that too by yourself, there are certain things which you would need to keep in mind. This is because the installation of hardwood flooring is not exactly as easy and simple as people make it out to be. There are certain complex aspects which needs to be taken in to consideration. In addition, it is definitely not something which you will be able to learn by just watching a couple of tutorial videos. However, wood floor installation Towaco NJ, is also not something which has been deemed impossible. Once you get the hang of it, it might actually be quite fun to do as well. So there is absolutely nothing to despair about. Thanks to our easy and detailed instructions, you would not be facing any kinds of problems when installing your hardwood floors.

How to go for hardwood floor installation Towaco NJ by yourself

If you are going with the option of installing your hardwood floor by yourself, then it is absolutely necessary that you prepare yourself sufficiently beforehand. Some of the ways in which you will be able to do it are as follows:

  • Make sure that you read all the detailed instructions before going with wood floor installation Towaco NJ
  • Make sure that the floor you are laying over is completely flat, clean, as well as dry. If that is not the case, then the hardwood flooring would not be done in a successful manner
  • Gently remove the millwork, the base of the wall, and any kinds of trimmings which you will be able to use again
  • Make sure that you have all the equipment and tools ready at hand which have been recommended. This can help in speeding up the process to some extent
  • According to the instructions, acclimate the hardwood flooring in a proper manner.

The wood floor installation Towaco NJ process

  1. Choose the hardwood widths and board species for the installation of the room
  2. Measure the length and width of the room and then multiply in order to derive the square footage. In addition, when you would be going for the ordering of hardwood flooring, keep it in mind to order at least 10-15 per cent of extra flooring. This is because you would have to take in to account the cutting mistakes or any irregular boards
  3. Check the subfloor to make sure that there are no kinds of squeaky sounds being emitted. Remove the shoe-molding from the room and then clean and sweep the entire place in a thorough manner
  4. Roll out strips of vapor barrier paper. In addition, keep at least four inches for overlap. Where the joists have been located, mark along the baseboards with the help of a pencil
  5. Start the installation process at the largest wall which has been unobstructed
  6. By selecting a long board, start placing them one by one in a straight line
  7. After hardwood floor installation Towaco NJ has been done for the first few rows, drill the pilot holes down the tongue of each board
  8. With the help of a nail gun, staple the boards together so that it remains in place
  9. After all the boards have been placed, make sure to look out for any gaps. After these gaps have been found during wood floor installation, make sure that you cut the edges properly so that you do not end up cutting more than you should have
  10. Lastly, after fitting the last board in place, get a wood putty which matches the color of your hardwood floor. After that, get rid of all the excess mess.

Why get hardwood floor installation Towaco NJ done by a professional contractor

Even though you have the option of going for wood floor installation Towaco NJ on your own, the opinion of the majority is that you should still be hiring a professional to get the job done for you. This is because these people are actually experts when it comes to the installation of hardwood floors. They have been in the business for so long that they actually have a very good idea about what seems to work and what does not. In addition, the extent of knowledge and experience that they possess is bound to surpass your own. They have even encountered many kinds of unique situations which they have been quite capable to deal with.

Majority of these professional contractors are also licensed, certified, and bonded. This shows that they do indeed have the necessary skills and requirements in order to conduct their own business operations. The fact that they are also insured could definitely be considered to be a cherry on top. This is because it means that in case if something tends to go wrong, both the parties would be completely protected.

One of the other major benefits which can be enjoyed from getting hardwood floor installation Towaco NJ by a professional is that the entire work would be done in a very quick and efficient manner. What would normally take you a week or two, these people can get you the work done in almost less than a week. This means that your house would be possible to go back to the normal situation in no time at all.

However, another thing which you would have to keep in mind when hiring a professional contractor for the installation of hardwood flooring is the budget. This is because this kind of work would need to fall within your budget as well. Towaco NJ